Reviews for "Heavy area music"


This song is great, also what program did you use to compose things. FL studios?

Liau responds:

Hmm, I used Cakewalk's Project 5 V.2 as a base program (not the best, but Im comfortable with it)
and I used guitar rig 2 with a mix of "dimention" instruments.

oh man!!

this kinda stuff is what ppl love to hear in flash's and shit...you gotta tell me the notes for it cause i wanna learn it so bad!!! :P

Liau responds:

^^ Glad you like it mr tits!
I cant help you out with the notes I'm affraid... I accidently wrote over the composition on my pc... so you're gunna have to go by ear :(
Good luck!

Nice work!

This is a song that I really enjoy. This playing to Fallout 3 is a pretty decent combo in my opinion! Way to make the magic of the moment really stand out!

Liau responds:

Thanks! :D I used to play quake 2 music along with some of the games I played :p just gets you in the mood ^^


dude,this is awesome...........wow....id never be able to make something even NEAR that awesome.But who knows i might be able to.In good time though.But yea,this would be good in some music video or something.Atleast i think so....

Liau responds:

haha Thanks! you know what tho? this track was one of those plonk down a root note and put a scaled set of notes inbetween ^^ just worked off that :P

Wierd Alarm

i dont wake up to anything this one little song u maded there is my alarm tone it makes it so much easier its THE one piece i LOVE i cant make sense with this in my ears it makes me feel.....just strangely better