Reviews for "Heavy area music"


Found out about this song in Zombie-Pimp's Pico Day Submission. Definitely fits his video.


Source: FBI

Liau responds:

:D Glad you liked it!
and agreed! That animation kicked ass! happy my track did it's job! :D

Fantastically awesome song!

When I first heard it, my first opinion was that it was fantastic. But now... I still love it! Perfect for scenes where the bad guy shows up! ^^

Liau responds:

:D Thanks!
Im glad Im not the only one who pictures images to songs!


its used in my fav flash house of 1000 cats
thats just awsome

Liau responds:

Glad you like it!


interesting. you see i never usually like slower songs, in fact i considered suggesting a faster paced version but as I listened i got into it and it seems its now one of my favorite songs. pretty badASS if you ask me. keep up the work.

Liau responds:

:D thanks! sometimes slow can have a nice heavy feel... other times it can seem to be dragging its feet ^^ glad you like it!


it is just avesome

Liau responds:

thanks :)