Reviews for "Heavy area music"


It does kinda sound like Sonic boss music.

Liau responds:

:D thanks!


mind if I use that in an up coming flash, I shall credit you.

Liau responds:

do whatever you want with it! :D I'm glad you like it! make sure you message me if you do use it! :D I like seeing my stuff used ^^

Zombie Shooter

Pretty damn good skillz there! Recorded or synth? Pretty Creepy!

Liau responds:

this one was all synth ^^ glad you like it!


Now I've got to ask... I haven't listened to your other stuff before... So...

Are you actually playing this on a guitar... or if not... what program did you use?

That guitar sounds pretty awesome. The drumz as well. Though I really just like the bass guitar.

Good job with this! Definitely a good creepy feeling... I also liked how you added your own things each chorus.

Good job!

Liau responds:

I used cakewalk Project5 v2 and the dimention instrument with a guitar rig2 plug in i think... dunno which instrument within dimention tho... probably a bass or something simple :P Thanks for listening and enjoying! :D


This song is really good, i found it very addictive due to the deep beats from the drums and heavy guitar notes, well done