Reviews for "Heavy area music"


a nice theme a very bloody and angrey man walking out of a wall of fire theme

Liau responds:

:D Thanks! it definately has attitude!

This is good too

i can imagine a hero is turning against his friends and turning bad

Liau responds:

Sounds good to me!
I love when music gives people images!



this goes perfectly with my "Lost" game. i'm not saying it's lost, that's just the name. GREAT WORK!!!

Liau responds:

:D glad you like it!

Very cool man

I love this song, it's so badass! Sometimes I watch 1000 Cats just to here this song (plus I like that flash too).
Really great stuff :)

Liau responds:

:D Glad you like it!
thanks dude!

*generic good job title here*

Great work, makes me feel like I'm playing Metal Slug or something like that. I'd say, use it in a game on the last level.