Reviews for "bite your rhymes"


I love MSI and I liked the artwork in this movie, however it seemed to move along pretty slowly so it kinda lost points there. If there was more action (to fit in with the chaotic undertone of the song) then it would have been better. I still liked it.

The graphics are nice

I cant catch what is the lyrics but i like the movie

That was enlightning....

The Main character reminds me of Jessicka from Genocide Inc.

A Master piece

Pure Genius...you are the Flash GOD...great style and music....Keep up the Awsome work!

Greatest. Slasher. Ever.

Before the first time I saw this, I was prepared for a lame freakshow.

That was 3 months ago.

I was sorely wrong. This kicks such ass that if it kicked any more, no more ass would exist to be kicked by anything else. As I said before: Greatest. Slasher. EVER.

At least on NG.