Reviews for "bite your rhymes"


somethin very different about this movie, I really enjoyed itm, everything fit- Music, animation, etc etc

good job buddy!!!!!

make more

Bring the pain...

You know... A punching bag would do the trick...
Great music...

Let me finish vomiting from the music


Wow. I dont know about this one. I might have finished watching it had the music not been so fucking awful and stupid it wqs vomit inducing. The guy that reviewed this before me said the music ROCKED. He should die by sandpaper and lemon juice, as well as all of you who enjoyed the "music" in this video. Why do so many of the frontpage movies suck so bad lately? ARG! This is garbage.

those other people should just die.

like .. GAH AAHHH AHH oh poo, i be dead.
(the people who reviewed it, btw, not the characters)
anyway, sweet movie. music owned. although the whole school yard violence shit is a little played out and gay.

Man this is fuckin great

MAke more of this stuff, don't listen to those bitchez.