Reviews for "bite your rhymes"

While not that great, this was still quite good. It was mostly because of how fast paced it was! I was afraid it might be an infinite loop at the end. Instead, it's just another battle being fought. I think it was a little too loud, though. I couldn't quite get into it that way.

I'm glad I can just turn down the volume. The animation was pretty slick. The designs were kind of unique. It was hard to tell what was going on. It was certainly creative.

Vintage Flash!

Mmm smell that? That's the aroma of a sweet lil flash animation from the hay days of newgrounds. I believe it's age rather well as well.


Oh my fucking god. what the FUCK was that XDXDXD that was funny. im sorry i find murdering people just cause they bully ou Dumb XD. but good job ^^keep up the good work buddeh...

very kickarse

got a very cool style,& MSI is always an automatic win.

good one

whutz the sountrack to ur flash?