Reviews for "bite your rhymes"

what's up?

First off, dude, that was some cool shit, I gotta learn to do this flash stuff. Secondly, I'm gonna be honest unlike most people reading the reviews and say that I didn't have a clue who was singing that song. It seems like every one knew who they were. Yes I've heard of MSI, as people have become accustomed to calling them, but I did not know who it was at first, they aren't that well known of a band. Thirdly I have to agree with tons of other peeps and say that that song fitted perfectly with the movie. Sorry for going on, and on, and on with my jibberish. Thank you for your time. I'm done now. Why are you still reading this? WHY? You can go any time. LEAVE. Quit reading damnit. You guys think I'm a moron don't you? C-mon, admit it. OK bye.




Kids these days...

i liked it

great job on the flash. awesome song by Mindless Self Indulgence btw

I like it

Takes me back to Grade 10.