Reviews for "bite your rhymes"

that was great man i dig that song

damn dude u gotta let me know where to get that song

Vermspiracy responds:

usually if you look on kazaa or whatever. that's where I downloaded the music file I made the movie with.
The cd that the song came from is long out of print.

But I have to tell you to go to your music store and beg them to order mindless self indulgance cds. order them online if you have to. just click on the Audio link on the link page.

that was hott

msi is the shit, the video actually went pretty good with the song too


Very cute indeed.
The art was decent but fun (and we all know that art is not all that makes an animation great).

I like the fact that the animation ends right after when reality hits and the main character smiles. It goes to show that the director has a sense of style and timing. Not only do you enjoy what he does to the bullies but when he has to do it again... for real...
Nice touch.

Mindless Rulesssssssss

This was great I am enjoying all of the Mindless Self Flash here it is great to see so many love such a great crazy band. I loved Your style & art work. You gotta make more for me & for everyone else out there that loves Mindless. You got my vote of 5 I will keep you up here with a 5 everyday I vote. So please make at least another Mindless flash vid maybe for Molly or Two Hookers beleive me if I could I would. just wish I could


That is definately front page worthy. It literaly displays what COULD happen to all bullies out there. I mean, you never know WHO that next kid is gonna be.

Great job!