Reviews for "bite your rhymes"


man, this stuff was crazy. Awesome song to pick, although when they made those sounds, i was wondering what the hell they were smoking at the time. ANywho, this is what ng was made for since i have first been coming here, i thought it was about punkish kinda kids. Man, i cant wait to see more of ur work. Keep up with the good job.

Vermspiracy responds:

I swear on a stack of grilled cheese sandwiches that if it weren't for places like NG Blaquefeather Media would'nt have all this feedback.

We have been going around from Anime conventions to videogame conventions in our local area trying to get enough good press, but trust me this way dosen't damage my pocket as much But

For those who loved BYR if any of you are going to Animazement or Nekocon be sure to stop at the Blaquefeather Media table, or look for the guys with the funny black and white badges. we'd love for you guys to hang with us

Mindless Self Indulgence

I loved it. Mindless Self Indulgence is one of my favorite bands. They are rockin'. And Jimmie Urine is "hot". Okay, well I loved this movie, and think you should do more. The concept was great. Very original.

Vermspiracy responds:

Male of female alot of people feel that Jimmy Urine is Hot. thanks for the kind words. if I'm lucky and I get the website back on track, I'll be starting on my very first flash game...of which I can't give away the details just yet. all you need to know is..think of killer arcade games like captain america and the avengers and Konami's X men side scroller


ok, it was good, a little weird, thogh
anyways, i really liked it
harsh, yes, strange yes, but also a good concept, even though you put it in a strange and original way


it was nicely done the music is a bit weird but i guess it matches the movie

sweet stuff

Very kool shit.
But whats with Newgrounds giving this entry an M?

it's just a bunch of gut punching, and a clean cut on the arm. oooooo

Vermspiracy responds:

it only got the M rating for excessive violence. I don't really mind that I won't even let my nephews look at it (even though they've sat and watch me draw most of it out)