Reviews for "bite your rhymes"

Crazy Yo

I like the move and the music. The only thing that buged me was that sometimes they have arms and sometimes they don't.


Its kind of weird (music too). It was just kinda stupid in my opinion.

issues anyone?

whover made this obviously had bullying issues, which i am genuinly sympathetic for. I can tell because of the content of the video, and the music. a bit erm... weird, kinda the stuff you would imagine if you were beaten the crap out of a lot.
crap, but well made.

Good movie

forget what the others said u did good some of us who do do flash know what its like making 'em takes months i myself do them at my studio down town im thinking of loding em up so coming from a flash maker and not some guy who gets attention by dissing first timers and probly hasnt made a flash in his life (BaBy-STRaNGLeR) U DID GREAT keep the work up look foward to more



That sucked, i didnt like the idea, it was totaly unoriginal, about evey otherm ovie made has a guy fighting and killing a group of people, plus this one had shitty music. Better luck next time, and when i say that i mean dont make any more flashes, so you dont steal the front page from someone else.

Vermspiracy responds:

well sorry to burst your bubble but I have two prospective projects on the way. so I guess I might be pissing off alot more people in due time. gee I wonder if this is how Dave Chappelle feels?