Reviews for "bite your rhymes"

wow brings back memories

of highschool

reminds me of the times I had to face a bunch of morons that didn't have better things to do than pick on me

but seeing that kid kick ass brought a smile to my face
good job
crazy choic of music, but it fits quite well, the music just sounds so chaotic to me, and it works well with your animation

good job =)

MY GOD!!!!!!!

My gos this is good. Send me the music!


i love MSI, and this little clip went great with the music

Wow dude just.... wow

That had all the perfect aspects of a good flash movie. Great music, plenty of violence, really fucking creepy kid whom makes this funny (kinda). Thats what everyone wants in a movie isn't it?


Best. Band. Ever. Mainly because they are so original. They are different and not afraid to be original. Plus it woulda been funnier if at the end you put it as the kid getting the shit beat out of him. That woulda been a great way to end it.