Reviews for "Necro (explicit language)"

Nice, sick and sexy :D

hehe, nice, I like the vocal syncopation and the piano dissonance. The entire arrangement is really nice :)

You have inspired me to use a similar style for my next piece (as soon as my current one is done)

Well that was an odd combination!

Very very interesting, funny, and cool sounding.

Rigamortis: Natures long lasting solution to erectile disfunction.

Amazing song XD

Funny how its on necrophelia.

I love Nosophoros' comment. lol.

Amazing how you can make a song on a topic like this.
This is funny but it has such a beautiful tune. I actually take it more seriously then anything else. Its addicting in a way where the music is just so... deep.

I honestly dont listen to your music that much, but if you have another song with the same type of music but definatley not the same topic then could you tell me the song? And if dont have a song lke this can you make one XD

I swear its just so beautiful.... if only i didnt have to do with you fucking a dead guy XD

This is not the comment, look down a little

it made me lol to myself, personally i didn't see those lyrics even after i read the title, but you didnt kill james did you? he was a cool guy


Amazing how you can make so different tipes of songs and be good in all of them.