Reviews for "Necro (explicit language)"


But also slightly disturbing... I lol though


lolz and lolz of lolz.

haha Hania a side of you I have not seen before (Miss innocent singing about roller coasters =p).

Very great music which demonstrates what a classical music background you must have had (Im probably wrong about that but from my perspective, your piano parts seem particularly classically infulenced.)

Mixing the classical feel with the cinematic feel (the intro etc)

I forgot to review....

I actually heard this like a year ago, i still love it, its amazing. Can you check and review some of my stuff, that would be awesome...

wtf, hania? xP

it is awesome!

Wow. Epic.

This song is really a guilty pleasure, it's really interesting. And you have a really moody and haunting voice, which I really like.
And you weren't kidding about the explicit language, you really made me blush at the end of the song.