Reviews for "Necro (explicit language)"

A bit strange.

Never heard a song with lyrics like this.
But it was put together very well and makes me want to listen to it again....but would I be a weirdo to do such a thing?
Lol, you are a genius musician.

One of a Kind!

I do believe we can give Hania the credit for being original ^-^ I mean I found the song very interesting yet singable... My boyfriend and I were quoting/spoofing it this morning.

"Should I F%#K the sleep right out of you?"


needless to say WONDERFAL song.. it's certainly easy to get stuck in your head

uh huh...

the only thing i dont love is the theme, its really kinda sick...


I agree wit jay, funny and nasty put together with skill.


drinking a cup of tea while listening and nearly coughed up my lungs about half way through :D this is wonderful :) 5's

hania responds:

I like tea too! :)