Reviews for "Necro (explicit language)"

So many people...

Seems some people do not have an open mind. I find nothing wrong with the lyrics, nor necrophilia, i am not into that myself. What matters is the song sung and it's quality, And both are beyond the rating systems limits. Such a refined young women unfound by the media, in a way i hope it stays that way, thought 'd spend every penny i'd have to buy any albums you made, it's just such an honor to have someone of your expertise here in NG. Please stay with us, your voice is second to none


Brilliant, and disturbing.


I can tell you have a charming personality. I love it.


perfect voice and perfect song, congratulations!

Instently faved

I started to like this song the first time i heard it, you should put the lyrics up so i can read the sweet voice that plays though my speakers.