Reviews for "Necro (explicit language)"

I'm Amused and Perturbed

Hey, you know that Sexy Losers comic has a necrophiliac named Shiunji Watanabe whose dead cadaver lover comes back from the dead with the sole desire to murder his sorry ass?

...You and I ought to go out on the town once I move out to Australia. I bet you'd find me cute enough to murder, too!

Okay, stupid jokes aside, this is totally bad. Someone will make it into a music video in NG (probably Stamper). That's testament to your ability, though not quite your psyche. I doubt you'd actually go through with this stuff, as it is just an evil satire.



Lol, what else can i really say?

Still, none the less, a perfect 10/10


hania that was....twisted.... but.... AWSOME!!! nice one i luv all ur music.....downloaded most.... make more!! more more more!! ur music ftw!


This song makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside! And sick, too, definitely sick. And a little hungry.

I love this!

This song is so funny and it sounds amazing:)