Reviews for "Necro (explicit language)"

At your best

I have listened to a lot of your music. Some of it seems very typical girly type of music. However, the more controversial the subject you sing about, the more serious you sound and the less I feel like I'm listening to recycled mush and more like I am listening to a song by an interesting person. Also, its progressive nature and the fast vocals I adore.


juste loved it awsome girl....please send me a massage or something so I can read the lyrics somewhere youre last submission had one BUT the site didint work.


This is amazing. You are very talented. The lyrics are great. As you listen to the song mixed feelings of sadness, sensuality, disgust and joy arise simultaneously. Not to mention the piano is amazing. If you came out with a CD I would buy it.


I have no idea what made you think of half these lyrics, but they are hilarious!

In lack of something else witty to say, have fun necros out there! lol

I did NOT see those lyrics coming!

This is amazing, but I did not expect to see this come out of Hania's ming (nor mouth). I love it.