Reviews for "Necro (explicit language)"

An upbeat little tune!!!

Made me cringe and smile. I love dark humour. My friends love your music btw! You may end up being an epidemic here in England!!! Though I don't think this would become a single! lol.

hania responds:

YAY! ENGLAND!! Should I come visit? :)

xDD this is a messed up song...

But so beautifully written I just can't help but adore it! :D


Lol wow... that was... odd. But I love it!

And I thought what I wrote was jacked up

No joke this song is JUST my style haha not in a weird way but in a dark satirical sort of theory of art sort of way. As crazy as I am I would describe it like a black and white monochromatic video playing out in vivid color... but thats just me =]

As good as the first day I heard it.

I found my old iPod with like 7 of your songs on it, so I looked you up again. Needless to say I'm so glad to have done so, your music really speaks to me (as well as others) No, I'm not saying I'm a necro. (Lol) It's emotional, thought provoking, and risque. I love it.
Never stop.