Reviews for "Necro (explicit language)"


disturbing to me to hear the lyrics in the middle with the repeat of the same word ALOT xD, WERE YOU THINKING DIRTY YOUNG LADY >O, jk jk xD

keep going on wiff your music! luff, demmy

Sick in a good way.

my favorite song by you. Its so sick and twisted in a good way. necrophillia is so nasty but you make it sound so funny. I truly enjoy this song.


this was hysterically funny
f the death right out of you LOL!! wow nice job this was one of the grossest songs but yet the funniest i have ever heard.



i think the song is Very Good. I Love the way its all put together. The lyrics are a creepy as far as i can tell). Only thing i would change is slowing the tempo down slightly. As i have told you in a PM its hard to understand the lyrics. But altogether Very Nice "oh yeah Yeah you think its just so hot i think im coming Baby/Babe(cant tell which one)" LOL ROFL LMAO FAF HAHA "Stick my tounge in your open mouth and taste the taste of death, but yet i feel substantiouality arising" i am starting to get parts of it

hania responds:

I stick my tongue into your open mouth and taste the taste of death, and yet I feel some sentuality arising from your breath, I grab your cock, undo your pants and wonder where I stand, should I be going down on you? Fucking death right out of you? ...

Hope that helps ;)

Pretty good

As always I love your songs including this one! A little gross but it sounds good so its all good. You have a really great talent and keep up the great work! So anyway, lyrics please?