Reviews for "Mega Man 1 Remake"

this is fantastic

this is cool dude

Needs Improvement

The grammar needs a touch up, and the game locks up after defeating yellow devil. Other than what I just mentioned I see no other problems, patch it up and you got a great game :)


Well, overall, I thought this was pretty cool. Excusing your English, as it is not your native language as you said, it was quite good.

Of course, it's not anywhere as in depth as a real RPG, and I of course liked the actual action games better, but for what it is it was pretty cool. It's nice how you had all the weaknessness of the bosses in there (I remembered them all from the original NES classic). I also liked the music (but then again, I like video game music for the most part).

This was more like short video, then an actual game, but it was still entertaining. Nice work.


too easy tho

You very well speak english

If Megaman 1 had any talking, I don't remember it...

Come on man, that all was just bad. O-o I hope you did it on purpose...

Anyways, I like the idea, and I wasted a half hour of my life beating it (had to retry against Wily "Yellow Devil" wtf?)