Reviews for "Mega Man 1 Remake"


okay, first off, there's no real challenge until you get to the last boss, and that level takes forever. for all i know, the next fight on the last level could be against justin timberlake or giegue or anything. the other weapons do the same amount of damage as the default weapon, even if you hit ice man with fire. i mean, wouldn't it make sense if that would do more damage? but what do i know? i don't have flash. and if you're going to have leveling up, don't make it so that you level up the same way every time you try to play this no matter what. that just makes it even more boring.

...and where the hell did the megaman clone come from? couldn't there be a point where's the clone's origin is explained? also, that would fix the plot fault of the clone just deciding to fight you for no reason. we don't actually know who made it. sure, we assume dr. wily built it, but for all we know, he could've just stolen a megaman clone from some lab and put it in that room. besides, if there's a clone of megaman (or re-model, i don't know), at least wait until a second game. also, why does it just freeze up in the middle of the last level? seriously, man.

It is a professional game

in portuguese from Brazil to the author understand more.

Na minha opinião, isso é um jogo perfeito como ou tanto quanto o original. Pode me enviar as sheets dos personagens (todo o elenco)? Mande uma PM para dizer onde acho essas sheets.

:[ i dont like it

i dont like it this is the glich in elec man when he says see you later megaman freezez i would give it a 5

Its not perfect.

Here's some pointers:
Use ElecMan's sprite from Megaman 2: The Power Fighters.
Fix the Iceman Glitch. And make level-ups.
Give Bosses more attacks, like these:
Thunder Beam is very effective against Megaman. Make it do 30 or so damage, so you'll have to dip into your items.
Super Arm is also pretty strong. I learned THAT one the hard way, NES-style.

hmph, Impreesive!!

this is a good game but it gets me pissed of about the freezing.