Reviews for "Mega Man 1 Remake"

very good

make one of 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 cuz this 1 was rlly fun

Good presentation, bad execution

Correct me if im wrong but for all the bosses it doesn't take any strategy or other weapons whatsoever. Just keep on pressing z to attack and you will win. I didnt get through the game since it froze on the third boss. On a good note the graphics are nice and no technical problems other than freezing. I never played mega man 1, so if this is an authentic remake then its not your fault. But i still think this has potential to be a great game.

It dosen't work.

I have pressed the Z button 50 times but it dosen't work.

Very Good!

Can you do one on MegaMan 2?

Really, really good.

It's a really good RPG remake of the original Megaman 1 game but it's too easy and often freezes on certain levels.