Reviews for "Mega Man 1 Remake"




This is bull crap my granma can make a better game than this make actual levels all you do is fight for what you dont even have a storyline and z to aaaagggghhhhh! this is shit thats all I have to say.

THIS IS CRAP! You mis-spelled half the words!

THIS IS CRAP! You mis-spelled half the words! Not to mention the in-excusable grammar! Get a dictionary, dude! It's no fun either. All you need to do to win ths crap is to know the weaknesses which I did from the start, so this game was un fun and un challenging. Also, there is no missing or critical hits to make it mroe interusting, so why not add them in the sequel? I reccomend spending more time thinking about the characters actually standing ON THE GROUND! geez...

Absolute crap.

I'm sorry, but, 1) the sprites. Some just plain suck, and you used BOTH Megaman's arcade sprites and MM7 sprites. 2) The gameplay. This is fricking Megaman! Megaman RPGs suck, because they aren't Megaman! >_< 3) The sound is from the games, but it was annoying, and NEVER STOPS PLAYING. Oh, and that retard that reviewed before me better be being sarcastic...

Best Megaman game on the site

I would have to say that this is the best megaman game on this site...this is a great game...great job....