Reviews for "Comfort"

Oh my God!

That was amazing. Was it cell-shading? It looked too real to be hand drawn. Wow. Amazing.

that was interesting

Ive seen alot of great flash on NG. Comfort is no exception. It was done in a way that made u forget it was a flash movie.

I was wondering. Have u ever heard of a movie called "the Fly" starring Jeff Goldbloom because ur movie was very similar to it.


This is totally awesomme this flash kicks ass

Wow! This is a treasure hunt keeper!

Already added to my favorites! You really ha me waiting for more the whole time. And a lot was never explained, but I like that in this case. I get to make up the rest!

Will there be a sequel? Or would it only spoil this gem?

Anyway.. Wow, just wow.



you capture emotion well