Reviews for "Comfort"

I'm not exactly sure what I just saw.....

But it was one of the most incredible things i have ever seen.... Wow....


this movie is awesome.....great plot, great animation...practically errorless..what can i say....you are a great one

C'est magnifique!

Again, like "The Undead," this film is wonderful. It's abstract, the animation is very clean, the dialogue is concise and easy to understand, and it has a very keen underlying edge of dark humor. I love it. You should seriously consider submitting your animations to something like the Sundance animated short films or something like that. You have a lot of talent, and it really shows.

-- Sarah


The animation was so smoothe! I'm envious of your talent.. Everything was perfect. If you're not an animator now , then you should seriously consider being one. That was magnificent

Ummm, nice?

Dude, that was sadistic.... But sick animation!