Reviews for "Comfort"


that was incredible
plot - animation - everything was



A nice twisted flash. This looks very professional. Great animation and great graphics. I think The score should be much higher. How come this didn't get front page? Or daily feature?

Hmm...well done.

Funny...funny in that "I dont have a fucking clue what just happened" way. Good graphics, sound fits, strange storyline. Watch it!

You astound me.

This comes out of left field, but it is brilliant. This is real art, just like your other work, The Undead. The placement of the fantastic in mundane situations is great and not just done for the sake of being odd. There is real purpose to this.

One little nit that bothered me while watching this, though, is that some of the actions are so repetitative they seem looped and probably are.


Probably one of the best flashes from 2003. The file size is so small because it was all frame-by-frame, perfect movements, well done. The voice acting was good too, you picked the correct voices. I was shocked when what happened happened, and it leaves you with a mystery to solve, how are they related - what has happened in the past. Anyway you probably won't read this, but well done.