Reviews for "Comfort"

This guy has saved us

Finally, and artistic flash. This reminds me of something I am currently working on. I doubt I will get as good of a response but you really do know how to convey the emotions with your characters. Very nice.


Wow... Amazing work!

Perfect to a T if i do say so myself. The animation was particulally life like. Excellent! I would shorten the stabbing scene though , the repeated breathing sound tends to get annoying as does any repeated sound.


wow it's amazing! best flash i've seen, good graphics, good sound, good animation everything is cool! continue the good work! and how have been able to reduce size of the file so much?? and how do you do to get the people so realistic??

Ummm, nice?

Dude, that was sadistic.... But sick animation!


This movie is original and has a good story, what many movies on Newgrounds today don't have. The animation and graphics were pretty good also. The voice acting was good, and the characters seemed real.

The only thing I noticed that wasn't as good was the emotion in their faces. When the lady was yelling, it didn't look like she was.

Great job overall.