Reviews for "Comfort"


I have come to love these so much! I really do love them. Nice job, really.


smooth animation, nice graphics, great sound, and a disturbing story,

me likey

Oh My God!!

that was the best thing ever fucking made EVER!!! FUCK!!! a fly went in and out of my mouth while i watched this!! Im gonna go vomit now cause that was too wonderfull!! My day was going terrible until i saw this!! OMFG i love you!

That was amazing

For how short it was
it was really amazing.
The animation was smooth
as well as realistic.
Nice story
as well as very vague
as we were thrown into a story
about some random fawn
eating someone out of house and home.

Very creative.
I'd seks it up if it was real.

I'm hungry too George, I'm hungry too.

The things I liked.
* Pop Art style reminded me of Andy Warhol or Julian Opie's work.
* Relationship between George and the women.
* The repetiveness of words and actions, such as when the woman shouts "nothing!".
* Dialog was very simple yet powerful.
* The movements of characters looked realistically human.
* Bold sound effects, such as the hooves clumping on the floor.
* The woman making a huge scene over food.
* The story's humor and darkness.
* No music.
* The ending.
* Thought provoking


Although it's never shown in the story, the characters show obvious signs of a broken relationship.
It's humorous that the woman becomes so mad over the food when it's obvious that it's not the food she's mad at. These sort of attitudes remind me so much of real life arguments.

The mystery with in the story is that we know nothing about the devil or why the woman is so upset. I like this because it keeps the viewer guessing and also creates a scenario in the viewer's mind of different beginnings and explanations to how the story ends up the way it does.

What gives this movie it's interesting vibe is the devil.
In the movie, we don't see him do anything terribly wrong, apart from eat food. This makes me think, he must have done something pretty terrible to make the woman so emotional and violent.
On the other side of the spectrum, the movie might be fooling the viewer into thinking that the devil is bad when in fact it is the woman who is the bad one.

It's a great movie. 10/10. Nothing more to say.