Reviews for "Comfort"

Well ... that was very bizarre ...

Well ... that was very bizarre. I really liked it though. The strangeness of it is alluring ...

I would like to see more work from this guy ...

Nice job,
'The Pumpkin Plague'


that was weirdly funny... and so well done, the animation and voices are sublime. i have no idea what to make of the story being told here... but never mind. great film.


i dont know what your smoking, but after watching your movies on newgrounds. i want a pound of it Fed-ex'd to my door step right now!

Awsome job, they make no sense to me, but they are awsome.

that was interesting

Ive seen alot of great flash on NG. Comfort is no exception. It was done in a way that made u forget it was a flash movie.

I was wondering. Have u ever heard of a movie called "the Fly" starring Jeff Goldbloom because ur movie was very similar to it.


right up my alley!

i need a snack. hmm.. maybe not at her place, though.