Reviews for "Comfort"

Oh my God!

That was amazing. Was it cell-shading? It looked too real to be hand drawn. Wow. Amazing.


that was excellent...i'm speechless

that was interesting

Ive seen alot of great flash on NG. Comfort is no exception. It was done in a way that made u forget it was a flash movie.

I was wondering. Have u ever heard of a movie called "the Fly" starring Jeff Goldbloom because ur movie was very similar to it.

Wow! This is a treasure hunt keeper!

Already added to my favorites! You really ha me waiting for more the whole time. And a lot was never explained, but I like that in this case. I get to make up the rest!

Will there be a sequel? Or would it only spoil this gem?

Anyway.. Wow, just wow.


How very...uncomforting.

The buildup to the end was very unsettling and then...

the conclusion...

Strange...and ironically is the very exact opposite in which the title portrays. It reminds me of The Lady or the Tiger? But...without the ending, if it is an ending.

Chilling, to say the least.