Reviews for "Comfort"


I have come to love these so much! I really do love them. Nice job, really.


smooth animation, nice graphics, great sound, and a disturbing story,

me likey

Oh My God!!

that was the best thing ever fucking made EVER!!! FUCK!!! a fly went in and out of my mouth while i watched this!! Im gonna go vomit now cause that was too wonderfull!! My day was going terrible until i saw this!! OMFG i love you!

wow... this is great!

you have an awesome sense of humor! you take the mystical creature thing and run with it!very cool. keep up the good work!

There's always nothing...

I like the animation, it's very well done. The concept is different but is cool to see things like this. I like the cliffhanger at the end, is like...nothing, and nothing, and nothing at all. Good job. :D