Reviews for "Comfort"

There's always nothing...

I like the animation, it's very well done. The concept is different but is cool to see things like this. I like the cliffhanger at the end, is like...nothing, and nothing, and nothing at all. Good job. :D


Probably one of the best flashes from 2003. The file size is so small because it was all frame-by-frame, perfect movements, well done. The voice acting was good too, you picked the correct voices. I was shocked when what happened happened, and it leaves you with a mystery to solve, how are they related - what has happened in the past. Anyway you probably won't read this, but well done.


you capture emotion well

That was amazing

For how short it was
it was really amazing.
The animation was smooth
as well as realistic.
Nice story
as well as very vague
as we were thrown into a story
about some random fawn
eating someone out of house and home.

Very creative.
I'd seks it up if it was real.

What the... What?

This was really disturbingly funny, and the 'real people' art style assisted the mood very well. That women's a real psycho.