Reviews for "Super Malio"

The game def is more unique, but the only issue that I had was the controls not being smooth enough, its difficult to get the distance in jumps correct so it just causes needless deaths.

not bad but... some parts are impossible to me...

Pretty good. Love the music. wish there was a life system and the enemies were easier to hit

A trip down memory lane. Thank you for the Super Mario clone!

A Mario clone that takes it to the next level, and doesn't really clone at all, all the while staying true to all the original design and functionality! I like the idea, and the game, but for the one little detail of: mechanics. How you slow down when you land. How you get dragged along tiles if you don't jump in time. How difficult it makes an otherwise perfectly designed game.

I don't know if it's intentional or not, but I would've really liked something more similar to the original Mario character movement here. That would've been just perfect. It looks great, the design's great, but the gameplay leaves a little to be desired.