Reviews for "Super Malio"

The controls took time to get used to, but once I had, the game got really fun! +Some of levels were really well designed, they must have taken a lot of time to create! GJ!

I encountered a problem on the last level that I gave it up: After 2-3 deaths I would not re-spawn and have to reload.

Going to be honest, I think this needs to be fixed if anyone wants to play with fun. It's hard to control and it feels like when you push a button there's a 1/2-1 second delay so it's hard to calculate where you're going to go. I'd recommend working on that delay.

i love the game and the music! when you hit the ground it stops your forward momentum and it makes some recurring jumps in platforming really hard when it looks like it should be smooth. The platforming in the castle was basically jump, backup, run, jump, backup, run until the end which got a bit tedious at times. Other than that a great game.


music and art is ok, but gameplay feel is a bit stinky. First there's some friction or something on the ground, which makes it so that when you're in the air you go faster, and once you hit the ground it has this sticky feeling. Next thing is the jump, which sorta accelerates up, which feels unnatural, but I suppose in the right context I could get used to it