Reviews for "Super Malio"

tHe end!
fishing level 60
n/a none

This game is pretty good for like a EDITED SMB1.
This is like a game that is based on original but somethings are changed and other things are added but wasnt been in original.
The music is only one, that isnt really good but ok.
The sprites makes you feel that they have been created by profecional person.
The animations is kind of funny (Only Malio's walking, other animations is not that funny)
Game is easier than it looks like, and then it becomes hard almost instantly. That is a small minus.

And.. in my opinion it is 5 stars
Yes there is some of minuses, but they are not critical.
Well done!
(Edit: Guys, the game is possible, it might be a trap somewhere so you cant continue.)

make your game actually possible

I Found This Mario Rip-Off

Well made, but the physics are a bit weird.