Reviews for "Super Malio"

Pretty good if you are able to get over the insanely hard controls. Even in an ice level this would be too much.
The only reason I didn't give up is because I'm not lettin a Mario themed game beat me. Never!
I didn't appreciate the fake blocks in level 27. That was such a nasty troll.
The music is nice, helps with the rage this game builds up.

Pro tip:
Don't move when you get on a bullet bill. Just jump in time.

This is just a Mario clone with no substance.

It's pretty okay, it's a bit too slippery for my tastes but it's fun to play, as a casual game!

Not a completely bad game. While this game isn't completely original, the level design for this game is original, which is good. I don't quite understand what inside joke this has to do with Super Mario, but I don't mind it. The art, animations and sound are simple, but the control mechanics are a little wonky. There is a little bit of latency between you putting in a command and it being performed. There is a lot of buffering on screen which makes the game choppy, which could be improved on. Good start.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARG... HOLY HELL THIS GAME IS HARD, BUT I BEAT IT, AND TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO SAID ITS A BAD GAME, ITS NOT ITS JUST FREAKIN HARD. But seriously the lag that malio has after landing actually helps in some situations, like the one block jumps, because he doesn't carry momentum, malio also usually jumps the same distance every time. Sure there are some hit boxes that I don't agree with but overall good game. Also maybe next time, make the name and cast a bit more original. Plz and Thank You, good bye