Reviews for "Super Malio"

Decent game controls make it fun! sorta poorly made probably for satire reasons as you can see in the name!

This wasn't worth playing, in my opinion. It is a poorly executed Mario clone. Visually, it was poorly animated, and unappealing. The control had lag problems. The gameplay was boring. It was good that you included unlimited lives, because the control issues get the user killed repeatedly. Then there was the annoying music, and the repetitive yelling of the girl's name when you die. I hope you can do better, but I'm not convinced of it.

dulce conchita, dulce y húmeda conchita

the movements kinda chunky he runs fast and slow and the jumps are really short

Love the music and the design is good, just reminiscent enough of the game it's cloning to be a nice homage but there are enough unique qualities to it to make it an enjoyable experience at first. I want to love this game, I really do but I can't, the controls are the weakest point of the game and that's unfortunate because I really don't like them and it ruins the overall experience for me. The controls are variously very touchy or too loose and the physics just seems to be out of whack to me unfortunately. Again, I love the music and when he dies and says "CONCHITA!!" it's absolutely priceless.