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Reviews for "Uprising: Episode 1"

ashes face looks a bit derpy in the cowgirl and the 2nd to last scene her lips look weird but its still fucking amazing

To all the people who are complaining about too much story, go play a quick Meet'N'Fuck game. I personally love the fact that someone on this website is trying to make a decent story. I just got through Cinder's sex scene and the story is intriguing to me. Someone by the name Thislifesend did a pretty good review with the story, but I think his opinion would've changed if they had played a little bit longer. I honestly don't know who to trust at this point and it's interesting to me.

I don't quite know what the Q ability does so maybe a quick tutorial would be nice, but combat flows nicely. I wish bosses were a little bit harder, but in a sex based rpg too easy is better than too hard.

As for art, some of it is a little rough, but still likeable. Maybe a few touch up's in some of the scenes would be good.

Awesome GAME ! cna┬┤t w8 for the Next One !

Are the movement keys arrow keys for everyone else too? or just me? I would love it to be WASD

Found a softlock. If you approach the soldiers in the desert town and you have the tires directly behind you when they tell you to back off you automatically step back but since the tires block your path you can't do anything. Otherwise I liked it