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Reviews for "Uprising: Episode 1"

Found a softlock. If you approach the soldiers in the desert town and you have the tires directly behind you when they tell you to back off you automatically step back but since the tires block your path you can't do anything. Otherwise I liked it

I like how the plot pulls you in, but the gameplay could use some polishing. rather than using the mouse controls, why not use key bindings from the right half of the board?

Additionally, trying to use the access card in the neo life labs at the door in the north gives me an error message:

this._agroList is undefined.

I like a lot this game but I got an error when escaping after fucking Cinder just when I was opening the key card door. Something like "TypeError:this._agroList is undefined".

The games seem very good, but I can't find where to go when I am in the park (second place outdoor of the apartement).

Still experiencing the issue with trying to load a game.