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Reviews for "Uprising: Episode 1"

a good game had a problem of not being able to change the games and the fact that i spoke to the character about a ritual withut knowing what it is

Probably my favorite game in a long time.

The art is really nice, the setup is basic and simplistic in a good way, and the controls are simple and straightforward. I like VNs quite a bit, this one does start super slow but after you get your powers it's engaging and enticing making it difficult to stop. HOWEVER, I started this at 12:30 AM and need to be asleep pretty soon and can't manage to save. I've reached the desert town and Hassimir has given me my task, the Save option in the menu has even appeared white now but whenever I click any of the save files the game just beeps at me and I can't actually save (or it is saving in the most unintuitive way possible.

I will point out that the first person in the game outside your apartment calls you "Chris" when you talk to him, and Adilah does as well when you ask about the ritual (I named my guy Jack)

Nice job! It's an interesting story and the graphics are good. There are some "creative" uses of the English language, you give words meanings that seem odd to me. Also, there are a couple of instances where the closing exchange from a sexual encounter are repeated at a later one. For those who are stuck in the apartment, you have to walk around and around until you find a certain spot that triggers an event.

Brilliant game.

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I was stopped before opening a side door with the keycard in the lab, but otherwise, the game's been really enjoyable!