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Reviews for "Uprising: Episode 1"

a good game had a problem of not being able to change the games and the fact that i spoke to the character about a ritual withut knowing what it is

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I was stopped before opening a side door with the keycard in the lab, but otherwise, the game's been really enjoyable!

Awesome game and amazing art style! Though, I wish the art style for each character sprite was the same for some of/ all of the animated scenes.
An amazing feature would be the ability to save the game and get a code you could input later to load your previous save. Also another good feature to include would be the ability to skip text and view past text or that and an Auto Mode.
The second problem I have with the game is just something that isn't game breaking but it more of an annoyance, saving the game is glitchy. The highlights that show selection are bugged and sometimes dont show, the save screen also randomly shows 0 save spaces so you have to scroll in a weird fashion to find them.

Sidenote(minor spoilers): Going the "lighting route" lets you clip through a few walls later on. Not sure if that was intended or not but It was very helpful. And the guardian guy looks like Jesus.

Really nice game, simple but nice story, cool animations.
The only problem is that you can't choose or set up controls, and some have made me close the window a lot of time.

Overall , nice game! make sure not to right-click+arrow or shift arrow, and it should be cool.

If anyone have info on episode 2 :)

In the basic guide there are only 6 x scenes. How do i get the seventh. I tried everything.