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Reviews for "Uprising: Episode 1"

maybe im stupid or didnt read the text but im stuck in the girl apartment

there some bugs when you start to fight the bad guys in the desert city when you get knock back you can get stuck off the play area and not be able to get back to it also you don't jump form top of the building to the other.

You managed to make an old lady look hot and then you made her so horrendously ugly in the sex scene.
Apart from that, the game is good. You should improve those dash abilities because they don't seem to work if you're next to a wall.

I liked it, bu there's a bug after, (Mild Spoilers), Starlight saves you, and you're fighting, you can get knocked into the wall and have to redo everything.

Just asking for a hint about what to do once the sister's apartment can't find anything else to do.