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Reviews for "Uprising: Episode 1"

I HATE games that both a) have lots of reading and b) don't let me set the text speed to something approximating "appear instantly". You probably think it's "dramatic" or something, but it's just annoying and makes me want to skip the entire scene and hope there wasn't, against all odds, something worth reading in there.

Maybe give us a direct link for the desktop version?

I bumped into one of the soldiers in the desert town and it sent me into a stack of tires that I couldn't move out of. Aside from this, it is like many other games on this site; it shows great potential but lacks polish.

I'd love to play this because what I've seen seems interesting, but it just plays horribly on my PC. Yes, my PC is bad. But the game plays so slowly, and I can't even find an option to lower quality or anything, to hopefully see if it will run better? What engine is this made with?

TypeError Cool, haha.