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Reviews for "Uprising: Episode 1"

"I play porn games for the story."
- No one ever

This game must have taken a really long time and a lot of effort. Props for the combat being real-time, rather than the slow turn-based stuff you'd usually see in an RPG maker game. It's just that text-heavy and grind-heavy structure is a default for adult game filler.

I would suggest making choice branches which obviously determine how much more dialogue there will be depending on which is chosen.

Characters all call me chris instead of the name i typed. Saves don't show up or work correctly

There are a ton of bugs in this game. The electricity power teleport gets you stuck inside walls until you spam it to get out of them, the desert city has you walk between roofs of houses with no connectors, the saves don't scroll properly, backspacing while creating your name doesn't work (I was Chris;b! the entire game), and many others. The combat is rather dull, too, so this felt like a visual novel that just had REALLY bad RPG mechanics tacked onto it for fun. And if those save points ever work, you're gonna want more of them, because they are REALLY spread out, and not even close to the dialogue options which you might want to end up restarting at points.
Additionally, like 90% of sex scenes were from the back, to the point where they were practically all the same thing. I don't know if you're scared to animate the front half or what, but it's repetitive.
But i can't just say it's a bad game. The dialogue was very well done in my opinion, the storyline is as old as time, but the mystery you attached to it was solid. The artwork was well done, too. Just a lot to polish before calling it a finished project.

found the shala computer for electricity in between the truck and broken cart

Did he just die, or what exactly happened? x_x