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Reviews for "Uprising: Episode 1"

by the comments i guess im the only one thhat cant fkin fetch the keys at the very start.................................................................................

Don't play this game during the Electric route. The game hardlocks you because the developer didn't add the cords for the player to follow so you can't get pass the door. You can only play on Psychic and Strength.

Really tried hard to like this game, but too many stupid "puzzles"
1. the 6 events in your sisters apartment, guarantee your missing the bottom left corner of the table. Took me a while to find this.
2. I chose electricity, so when I got to the part of finding Shala I tried to follow the guide which states to follow the cables outside. I didn't see any cables and got tired of walking around and turning to everything to try and figure out where it was.
I gave up at this point, there's nothing really special about the game that made me want to continue trying or restart with a different power to get an easier path.

Also, Tried to download the desktop version but it's behind a pay wall, so the easy way of pointing the mouse to find things is out of the picture. I've got a lot better games for less than 10$, not about to pay that for a pointing feature.
Maybe try making the ? more noticeable on maps?

the intro is too slow to keep you interested

Cool game.

But it's full of bugs that are game breaking. At first the combat area's doors wouldn't open, but no worries, I jumped right over them........ Talked to the wrong soldier in the desert town on the way in and now I can't move and I saved trying to fix it, lost the old save, now I'm stuck with no way to revert.

I'd love to play the game all the way through, but I absolutely refuse to restart an entire game because the developer was lazy and didn't test appropriately. The very LEAST you could've done is added a way to reset the area you're in or to unstuck yourself with such jacked up movement mechanics, but whatever. 1/5 because it's got game breaking bugs and you released it.