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Reviews for "Uprising: Episode 1"

Cool game.

But it's full of bugs that are game breaking. At first the combat area's doors wouldn't open, but no worries, I jumped right over them........ Talked to the wrong soldier in the desert town on the way in and now I can't move and I saved trying to fix it, lost the old save, now I'm stuck with no way to revert.

I'd love to play the game all the way through, but I absolutely refuse to restart an entire game because the developer was lazy and didn't test appropriately. The very LEAST you could've done is added a way to reset the area you're in or to unstuck yourself with such jacked up movement mechanics, but whatever. 1/5 because it's got game breaking bugs and you released it.

you tried but the controls suck and being stuck in emmas room is a nightmare and it needs to be more clear

Someone really needs to explain how the segment in Emma's apartment works. I checked everything in there a bunch of times and waited like 15 to 20 minutes and nothing happened.

Kaliyo responds:

There are six items in the room you need to interact with, then the story will continue as you walk through the middle segment of the room.

In the desktop version there's a custom mouse cursor that glows when hovering above interactive objects, sadly it doesn't work in the newgrounds/html version.

cannot load

Doesnt work :(