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Reviews for "Uprising: Episode 1"

so depsite the prompt saying wasd and mouse, that dosn't work. what does work is arrow keys and zx. so... yeah...

how do I find Shala? I'm at this store with a electronic key lock and I can't find a single hint to what the combination could be. I'm pretty much stuck at this point. Jamie and the ritual animations do need some work though. Over all, the story is nice and the combat system ain't bad either. Though some of the abilities don't work and the RMB attack for electric is kinda buggy and so is the dash. Other than that the game has potential. I would like to see more :D

i am stuck in a room, guide says i have to touch all items, i think i did, any help ??

Says "too much recursion" upon launch, but the art looks nice!

unplayable.. "script error"