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Reviews for "ThePowerOfWhat"

Cool game. Fun stuff to note: If you pick up an extra life in a level, you can duplicate it. Even with the Power of Permanence, they won't carry over, but they can be used in that level as 6 1-ups, and any duplicated 1-ups don't count towards your max, so you can still pick up 1-ups until you would have hit 6 pre-dupe. Interestingly, if you lose all 6 1-ups, any excess that were dupes are actually counted as negative for the remainder of the level. So if I have 4 on level 4 from picking up that one, I drag the 1st to the 5th slot, and the 2nd to the 6th slot. I now have 6 1 ups until I beat the level or switch it. If I elect to use all 6 instead, then reset the level, and then pick up the 1-up again, I don't get any 1-ups until I wrap back to 0 1-ups first.

Also, the glitch that freezes the game happens if you are holding the 1-up that gets used to revive you when the counter hits 0.

joqlepecheur responds:

Hi there, thanks for you comment and the detailed behavior!
This was not an intended feature, and could confuse players. I hope you won't be disappointed but I fixed most of the issue.

Great game with a great puzzle concept I never had thought of before and it's quite inventive with how the game pulls this off. Though I would've liked more of a button interaction with objects from the player to make the concept more central around the character's actions itself but that's just a nitpick; by all means this is a great simple inventive game.

It is a great game. Lovely mechanic.
However I couldn't beat level 0 due to a horrible bug that freeze the game :(
Really sad that it hampers the game....

When you keep a 1-up at your mouse, and when you die. The 1-up is used and you restart the level and it freezes.
How can I see the level -1 ? Couldn't figure it out until this bug just made me stop playing ^^'

joqlepecheur responds:

Hi there, thanks for letting me know. I will fix on monday. (edit: should be fixed now)

Wow, so this is what they call a meta game.
Man, I never thought so much before in order to complete a game.
It is crazy. My brain broke trying to reach level -1.
Didn't figure it out :(
Could you prove a hint please?

joqlepecheur responds:

1 try to get the power of permanency
2 understand what it does
3 think of a place you can do something you couldn't do before

I liked this game, the concept is interesting enough, and I had fun figuring out the solutions.

In response to TesloStep's comment (SPOILERS if you haven't reached level -1 yet):

1. First, what you want to do on level -1 is, make sure that you have no lives, and that the second digit of your score is 7--e.g. 07, 17, etc. (I'm not sure about the no lives part, but do so just in case)

2. After that, turn the music off, then jump on the enemies. (Again, I'm not sure that you have to turn the music off, but do it just in case) Then use the score tiles to get to the 1-up.

3. If you've done this right, the second digit of your score should now be 4--e.g. 14, 24, etc. Use the score tiles to jump onto the spikes (the second digit should now be 3) and then use the sole 1-up to revive yourself (the second digit should now be 2).

4. The second time the countdown begins, wait for it to count down to 4, and you should get to level -2. Once there, simply ignore the 1-up (I don't know if getting the 1-up counts, but ignore it just in case), drop onto the spikes, wait for the countdown to finish, and you should get a "The Real End" message.

Hope this helps!