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Reviews for "ThePowerOfWhat"

wait a level -2 exists? I can't get to it. I only know... wait! the key, the power of *SPOILER* death, but not the enemies. this means... the spikes! I love this type of game. unique mechanics throughout the 13 levels. only thing is, why is level 8 empty? it makes no sense. also, the levels 0 and -1 are very cool. please make a sequel!

side note: I can't find -2, even the way I tried.

new side note: just got to level -2, very simple actually. so how do I get to -3?

for those who are stuck on level -2: turn music on and jump into the bottom of an enemy. trust me. it worked for me. now stuck on -3.

side note: I actually have no clue how I got to level -3...

update: I can get to levels -3 and -4, can anybody tell me how to beat -4? all I can do is the plant. unless...

secondary update: nope. you can't drag yourself, the door, the plant, or anything else.

Gosh dogget this game is hard (hint turn music on and off) (You can thanks me later)

I'm sorry my man, but there is nothing more frustrating than beating a level on accident then being unable to recreate the effect. I've beaten -1 twice without knowing exactly how I did it. Maybe a hundred experimental deaths later and absolutely no response. The worst part is that I beat -2 without knowing exactly what I did, either.

My point is that your game reduced itself to some idiotic trial and error crap that feels broken. Is it actually broken? I'm sure you don't believe so, since you know where to stand, and what to do specifically, but if there are specifics required that AREN'T detailed in your one-word level hint, how are we supposed to glean them, are we supposed to hump every pixel in the map?

Excessive trial and error is player abuse. I have a job and responsibilities, and I dont have time to rub my dick on every tile in the game. Only greasy layabout teenagers have that kind of time.

Your game started out neat and exciting, then the design got too arbitrary, and I ran out of time to play it. However, I always have enough time to write lengthy reviews to call you an asshole for making something that attempted to waste my time and piss me off.

Great platformer that's a bit confusing at first until you find the "hidden" mechanics. The extra levels at the end (at the start?) were cool, with -1 being a bit of a brick wall for how to progress (searched through the comments) but it was a fairly reasonable solution. The way to get to level -5 was interesting with a sort of buildup on the way there. Great job!

Good game! i like the puzzling and having the level tittle help you. I have no clue how to get to level -1 and below though and i want to play this game more. Any tips on how to reach level -1